Cell 2021

Watercolour on paper cm21xcm29.7
Initially inspired by an intricate Geopolitical vision of our life during Covid19, ended unexpectedly in a interdimensional journey within our Human Body.
"Cell" in english language is a double meaning word translatable in Italian as "cellula" in his biological meaning or "cella" referring to a prison.

Geo Tribe 2020

Watercolour on paper cm21xcm29.7
Geopolitics and spirituality fusing in one message. A vision of our planet held by the cups of duality and relationships, conquests and competitions, balance of the opposites. White lotus flowers bringing our consciousness to the light from the of our brown deep roots within the Earth. An Egyptian dance is leading the humanity to knowledge and truth.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Eliana Valentini



I was born in Milan (Italy) in 1977. After my diploma in Fashion Designer at M.Dudovich professional Graphic Institute and working for few different Fashion brands in Milan like Piazza Sempione, Maska and Prada, I wanted to expand my creativity and artistic skills as Illustrator obtaining a qualification at “Scuola di Arti Applicate”of Milan. Passionate and specialized in watercolor technique I moved to Ireland in 2009, where projects and collaboration as professional illustrator started adapting my artworks to different categories of the illustration sector (websites, logos, books, holistic…). I also developed my own visual art project called “Dreamsinterwoven” (www.dreamsinterwoven.ie). My decorative and naturalistic watercolours are also ideal for botanical, gardening and packaging with a strong communicative impact.

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