@presents, made by vinyl in glass or wall using mobile application, variable dim 2017

A reflection on time and its images or on images and their time. With it, it is intended to underline the ephemerality of the moment in which we live. New technologies absorb us, and seem to atrophy our sense of aesthetics, at the click of a mouse, or perhaps they try to show us that only what is worthwhile will remain. Sometimes, it seems that there will be nothing that surprises us, that is already “all invented”, and yet, life itself can be a surprise, and our day to day an adventure. Contradictions. At present time no longer runs, it just flows. But even if our life flows, our steps continue to have the same dimension as the steps of our ancestors. Every day, we move at a speed, which perhaps is no longer the “prevailing speed”, the speed that prevails in our environment, basically technological. It seems strange that we do not “pay a price” for the frenetic pace that the use of technology is imposing on us.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Elia Barez




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