Indian 2016

Oil and canvas

synthesis 2016

Acrylic on canvas. The painting, the idea and style of which were spontaneously born in the process, transferring the state to the canvas. A lot of small parts formed into a single expressed, from the particular to the general, thoughtful, complex, wanting to go beyond the boundaries of the picture.
This is about a meditative state, about immersion in one’s complex thoughts and feelings, without trying to simplify, but completely surrendering to them in the moment

The night 2019

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Elena Leonteva


Artist Leontyeva Elena, Russia, Moscow.
I do painting professionally. I work in techniques: canvas and oil, acrylic paints and canvas, watercolor, ink, pencils. I paint my creative paintings and work on order, I also draw on the walls to order and sculpt bas-reliefs on the walls. I regularly participate in exhibitions in galleries, for example, Izo Art gallery, Moscow, Central House of Architects, Moscow, Fashion Season Gallery, Moscow, Concept Art and Fashion Fairs. My works are sold at painting auctions in the auction house “Litfond”, Moscow. I’m also a participant in the famous TV program “Perfect Repair”, for which the designers made an interior design with my paintings for the famous Russian actor Vladimir Nosik. I feel like a researcher in painting, not limited to one style and direction

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