Serenity 2021

oil painting on canvas
100 x 150 cm
ready to hang

this is how the moment of serenity, lightness, calmness and unencumberedness to the material world visually looks like

Mickey Holiday 2021

Everyone need a holidays, as life not just a work, but a wonderfully spended time, right?
And if you a Mickey, who's care? Everyone need a vocation, nice rest, summer, warm sea and bright memories

Oil painting on canvas
80 x 65 cm
Ready to hang

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Elena Adele Dmitrenko


Elena Dmitrenko is an experienced Ukrainian painter who has exhibited her work in Kiev. She identifies as a photo-realist, realist and impressionist painter, and predominately composes works centered on capturing the smallest details of recognizable experiences, settings and people. From hyper-realist animal paintings to serene ocean scenes and portraits of celebrities, Dmitrenko retains an expert sense of light, color balance and proportion.

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