Radio Chimney 2019

Radio Chimney is an investigation project of re functioning
the historical out of use industrial vapour chimneys of Barcelona as sound receptors which listen to the city. Entering into the chimneys and recording the sounds of the chimney in different elevations in order to find different frequencies and phases is one of the investigations of the project.

Work in Progress 2019

Two performers, one of whom improvises with sound and the other with movement relate with each other around a loosely structured story. The intention is to find out landscapes of sound and movement which can trigger the imagination and open the possibility of distinct associations. It can be either said that it is a story which appears like a presentation or a presentation which sometimes turns to be a story.

Lemon Cycle 2018

Lemon Cycle is a micro audiovisual which is a storytelling experiment of the connotations between different concepts. A mojito which consists of some parts of forest.

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Ekin Bozkurt


Ekin is a sound artist from İstanbul, recently based in Milano. Studied urban planning, landscape architecture and sound art. Worked as content creator and editor. Her electronic / acoustic music compositions are sometimes giving the sensation of discomfort, sometimes are naive as she likes to communicate with her imaginary lifetime friends. She is mostly interested in using her interdisciplinary tools for creating social interaction possibilities in public place and turning abandoned places, inbetween places back into lively meeting places.

She performed in various events as sound producer, made installations and public art projects, completed several electro-acoustic music compositions.

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