21st century working class hero 2019

The work is inspired by the appearance of the sitter. After all, when I saw him, the image of a young man immediately appeared in my head, sitting down for a break after hard work on a hot summer day. Having depicted the minimum number of attributes, namely the road cone, I did not want to overload the composition so that extra details would not distract the viewer from the figure of the worker himself.
We live in an age of great ambition and opportunity, especially for young people. With my work, I want to show the diversity among the representatives of the generation, and not only mine. At a time when someone chooses development and a prestigious career, another chooses a different option, letting go of his thoughts about a prosperous future and living for today, or, unfortunately, simply does not have the opportunity to secure development in this or that area. However, we are still bricks in one huge wall, where everyone, whoever he is, carries a certain value.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ekaterina Kovzus



I graduated from the I.O. Akhremchik Art School, after which I entered the Belarusian State Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Art, Department of Graphics. Now I am a third year student. I work not only in the direction of graphics, but also painting (oil and watercolor). Many of my works are inspired by the theme of metamorphosis and transformation.
My dream for the near term is to buy a printing press and equip myself with a printing workshop to have independent working conditions for further development in the printmaking, book graphics and the fine arts as a whole.

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