Consciousness #1 (Koi) Series 2021

The pond is "the world" for Koi, but is Koi conscious about the outside world of their "universe"? I know they aware of the surrounding, they are fully aware if people come close to the pond.

I believe art is a projection of the creator, and this Consciousness (Koi) series is made while I in contemplating mode, and successfully (re)gain a 'new' consciousness and bring peace to my mind and soul.

Mapay Sigay, The Last Generation 2020

This is Mr. Suhman, age of 76 years old.
He is the last generation of people who traditionally makes a brown sugar from Aren palm tree (Arenga pinnata).

He lives in rural area called Kampung Banceuy, West Java, Indonesia. From 950 people who lives there there's only 3 people who still makes brown sugar as a "professional job".

Back in 1970-90 brown sugar is one of the main job and product in that area, it is said that every adult man of that era are making brown sugar, people of Kampung Banceuy believe that Aren palm tree is a manifestation of "Nyi Pohaci Hideung Geulis" a rice goddess, there for they treat the Aren palm tree as creature that has consciousness and desires.

Young people nowadays don't continue that job because it's time consuming and reward (economically) is not par compare to work in other field. And the old people that used to do that job had already switch job to a farmer or something else.

This is the end of era, that needs to be documented.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

edward nugroho


Born in 1973, Bandung, Indonesia.

Edward felt in love to photography since 1996 and the passion is getting stronger everyday!
He's method of creating art is intuitive-contemplative, sometimes he's just wandering around carrying a camera
to find something that (has a meaning) worth to capture, sometimes he's contemplating on one subject and then create.

Award :
*2nd Prize – Art Photo Contest – FREEDOM '2001 held by Indonesian Government, Education and Cultural dept.

*Gold Medal best set – '2001 and
*Gold Medal -Indonesia Photo Salon '2005 held by Federation of Photography Society Indonesia

*1st prize – Techno Art Photo Contest '2012 held by Sampoerna

the first exhibition held in 2000, called "mapay sigay"
2012- "Bandung in Motion"
2014 – 2015, "Road Stories" with 7 Asia Photographer at BlankWall Gallery, Athens, Greece
2018 – 2020, HOME – Chinese Culture at various cities of Indonesia
2020, "Manifesto – Pandemi" at National Gallery of Indonesia

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