Mother. Unfinished Portrait 2021

Mother. Unfinished Portrait. 2021, canvas \ acrylic, 180 * 160 cm.
Last year, like for many, was difficult for me. There were indeed many significant losses, chief among which was the death of my mother. It is clear that the mother figure for everyone is one of the key. I would say that – the mother is the personality that defines our existence. At the same time, for me, the mother, in a sense, has remained an unsolved mystery.
Since childhood, I have observed a number of states that I conventionally perceived as her separate personalities observed by me in different periods.I still cannot say with certainty what his person was 100%. Caring and affectionate mother? A hypochondriac frightening with his pain and resentment? A narcissist who plays hide and seek with his sexuality? A philosopher looking for answers? All this and more, but none of them completely. As a result, leaving behind scattered impressions and a flash of awareness, mom left, as each of us leaves.

Memory's Gloss – Gloss – Sudden death 2020

This work completes a series "Memory's Gloss"
The series was an experiment to work with a personal history. I collected certain memorable events from my life, mainly from my childhood. These events made a special impression on me. Each of them marks a change in my perception of the world and myself.
Frankly, I expected that the process of creating this series will produce a special effect on me, but I could not foresee the nature of its action.
The paintings were part of a bridge thrown into the past. The bridge consists of two supports. Events and his image in the picture. These mirrored elements created a bond that helped me release energy. Energy closed in past events. Thus, the tension that was encapsulated in my subconscious mind got a way out, in some cases changing not only me but also my surroundings.

Memory's Gloss – Gloss – Tele_Fear 2020

This is a deep memory from a childhood period when picture tube and VHS film ruled in the media field. Times lo-fi films in the twilight rooms … The world of dreams on the flickering screens .. Scary films which revealed to me layer of the ancient fear. I plunged into a two-year struggle to build a border between the imaginary and the real.

This border is very weak. It is enough to plunge into the deep night so that it would be disrupted by one wave of the wind.

Projection. This is what the mind imposes on the unknown in an attempt to structure it. After that, the power of projection begins.

I found only one way out of this situation. Directed attention. Attention to the projection.

Until projection disappears …

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Edgar Invoker


Edgar Invoker

Born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia in 1977.

Edgar is an artist working at the intersection of abstraction and surrealism, which is true not only in relation to his style of painting, but also relates to the topic of his research. Being passionate about painting since early years he successfully graduated from the local art college with Art Teacher diploma in 1998. Edgar then pursued further artistic education in renown Repina Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg which he got his Masters degree out of in 2007. Least to say those institutions are considered very conservative and traditionalistic even now. This in a way created a “necessary” struggle to determine Edgar’s artistic pathway – quite dark and obscure – as an opposition act to what he was told art’s supposed to be.

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