Memory’s gloss. Gloss – The Dog 2019

“Memory’s gloss. Gloss – The Dog”, 2019, acrylic/canvas/airbrush, 70*70 cm.

Plunging into the basics of personal memory, I find anomalous zones forming my perception throughout my life. Once, in a supermarket, I met a dog that reminded me of my childhood. I remembered the sensations of that period. And he realized what this image and others like him mean to me. In early childhood, we find a fork: interaction with the world or violence against it. A turn forms our consciousness. This is the cornerstone of our perception.

Memory’s gloss. Gloss – She 2019

Temporarily Unnamed 6 2018

Presented paintings originate from new series of my works where I continue to address concepts of object perception, archetype reproducing in cognition and “the observer effect”.
The focal element of these paintings is human’s face diffusing into abstract geometrical forms
Face as a concept is to be interpreted as a symbol of cognition and “the observer” mentioned above. What I mean here is the process of self-identification doesn’t work through looking at oneself in the mirror. It works through perception of non-self which is from “observer effect” standpoint should be differentiated from self. And this image of non-self being reproduced multiple times through different angles and perspectives repeats itself but at the same time changes. This duality allows the image to be recognized fuller and creates some sort of memory dimension.
Deepening those dimensions through perspective gives one an opportunity to learn so much more about the observer state.
Previously I used to st

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Edgar Invoker


Born Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Education: Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and
Architecture, Master of Arts, 2007.

He has extensive experience in exhibitions in Russia and abroad (Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hong Kong, etc.), the publication of illustrations in books and magazines (“The Horror Zine Magazine”, “FOLIO Volume 30”, Pelevin V. O. collected works 1 “Blue Lantern” and the collected works of volume 9 “Helmet of horror”, publishing house “Eksmo” and others

Edgar Invoker – artist, working at the intersection of abstraction and surrealism, which is true not only in relation to his style of painting, but also relates to the topic of his research –
lucid dreaming and change material states of consciousness at the time of the transition between sleep and wakefulness, condition of the paint and the various influences on it.
Practicing techniques that promote lucid dreaming, the author fixes his experience and understanding in the form of picture

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