The Illuminatti 2019

Lacquered mixed media (copper wire trees) on plywood. The self illuminating trees offering a sardonic alternative to the intellectual hubris of humans.

What Buck Rogers Really Saw 2017

Lacquer on plywood. Pushing the enhancement of the existing plywood grain … a playful nostalgic look at the advances in astrophysics since my childhood in the 1950’s.

Somewhere That’s Not Here 2017

Lacquered mixed media — copper wire tree on lacquered plywood. A wistful yearning for a natural nirvana that seems beyond reach.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Edd Ogden

United States

As a semi-retired architect/builder I started +/- 10 years ago to pursue artistic projects in painting and sculpture based on my professional experience with materials and processes. I had always ‘seen’ landscapes in the grain of the countless pieces of plywood i’d handled so plywood became my preferred substrate, often times literally enhancing the existing grain. As a cabinet/furniture maker I used primarily natural oils and/or lacquer and I found myself experimenting with mixing colour pigments with lacquer which became my primary medium. The grain of the wood plus the fast setting nature of the lacquer directly informed the binary/fractal style of my paintings; my interests in eastern philosophy, theoretical physics, and good old American naturalism continues to inform the subject matter. I refer to my general style as Metarealism.

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