The Enigma Room 2020

In The Enigma Room, Kashi weighs truth against reality, searching for where they intersect and diverge. Kashi uses coding to translate and transform his archive, spanning the globe over four decades. This immersive experience challenges perception – the fact of the photograph versus the mystery of digital alchemy.

Kashi has often been at the forefront of experimentation with visual language, and in this installation he leverages coding as the new mode of creating and consuming photography. This work weaves photos, video, and audio, transporting the viewer to discover new planes of reality through digital translation.

With Mike Curry, Brenda Bingham and Rachel Dennis, Kashi deploys code as a tool on par with the camera. Abstract connections link images across time and place. This dreamlike reverie explores the physical and transcendent elements of life through cycles of chaos, calm, celebration, and rebirth.

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Ed Kashi

United States

Ed Kashi is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist, filmmaker, speaker and educator who has been making images and telling stories for 40 years. His restless creativity has continually placed him at the forefront of new approaches to visual storytelling. Dedicated to documenting the social and political issues of our times, a sensitive and compassionate eye and an intimate relationship to his subjects are signatures of his intense and unsparing work.
Along with numerous awards from POYi, UNICEF, World Press Photo, American Photography, and other institutions, Kashi’s images have been published and exhibited worldwide, in addition to generating eight books, and a number of influential short films. In partnership with his writer and filmmaker wife, Julie Winokur, the non-profit Talking Eyes Media was founded in 2002, producing award-winning short films, exhibits, books, and multimedia pieces exploring social issues. Kashi is also on the Catchlight Foundation Board of Directors.

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