BorderWall 2020

Border Wall
In this slip-cast porcelain sculpture derived from children’s underwear, the second in a series, children are depicted as their most vulnerable and innocent. Young migrant children continue to be drastically affected by their incarceration in overflowing numbers, complicated by the construction of a southern US border wall to exclude immigrants.

3D Sculpture: Slip-cast porcelain, sawtooth hangers, roofing nails
42“ x 114“ x 2“

To be submitted to Artprize 2020, April 13, 2020, Grand Rapids MI, USA

Filii Fragiles 2019

This porcelain sculpture, derived from infant and children’s clothing speaks to the innocence and fragility of children. While children are indeed resilient, their resilience has been assailed over recent months and years in numerous ways. Fragility and resilience are a continuum, and some children, dependent on their individual and collective circumstances are more vulnerable, therefore fragile than others.

3D Sculpture: Slip-cast porcelain, 6”, 9” 12” steel rods, acrylic mounts.
84” x 46” x 16”

Artprize 10 Venue: Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Bagladies: Votive 2017

“Bagladies: Votive” represents one long-standing issue I’m passionate about, i.e. social and economic inequality, in a current context. Who might these “Bagladies” be? We have limited understanding of the diverse circumstances of these women, who are typically denigrated or ignored. These corseted slip-cast porcelain paper bags embellished with lace express the “Bagladies” inner beauty, and the votive lights a wish to alleviate their plight as victims of our current societal trends.

3D Sculpture, Slip-cast porcelain, LED lights, Steel Cart, 22 x 34 x 19″

ArtPrize 9, Fountain St. Church Venue, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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E. Ingrid Tietz

United States

Drawing on her experimental career as an academic neuroscience researcher, E. Ingrid Tietz’s conceptual and gestural abstract works revolve around contemporary, representational and non-representational forms. Her evolving artistic images derive from her intrinsic responses to life and death, to social issues, and to her environment. This range of internalized emotions is expressed and continuously revised using a variety of tools and media to create provocative porcelain sculptures, as well as abstract oil and cold wax paintings. Her current work focuses on integrating these two approaches. Her work has appeared in numerous juried and curated exhibitions. She was recognized in the Fall 2017 Ann Arbor Women Artists juried show, and was a Featured Emerging Artist. She moved to Detroit, MI in 1978 and now lives in Ann Arbor, MI, where she has trained for the past 8 years with regional and national artists in diverse media, including ceramics, and oil and cold wax.

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