H2O/SiO2. 2018

Inspired by Trompe L’oeil, H2O/SiO2 is entirely hot sculpted glass, which appear as plastic bags of water. The trapped movement of the rising bubbles and the gesture of the forms convince the eye that the sculptures are just as they seem. What is fascinating is that our desires often override our true perception of reality and you believe what you think is visible as the truth.


Mach 2. 2018

Mach 2 was first born out of the desire to celebrate the properties of clear glass. As with many of Dylan’s artworks, the idea begins with a desire to applaud a physical property, in this case, it was the motivation to confuse light. Using hand pulled rods of glass, Dylan cuts and polishes each piece and meticulously joins and arranges them into position. The orientation of each piece is meant to capture and obscure a small piece of its environment. Collectively, the glass rods create a dynamic visual field distorting and reconfiguring its moment in space and time. Since this sculpture absorbs and reflects its surroundings, every passerby and shift in lighting affects the artwork, creating an ever-changing visual symphony of light and color.


Inverted Logic. 2017

Inverted Logic is composed of repurposed camera and condenser lens. Subverting their original purpose of capturing the world as it is, now they confuse and disorient their environment. In a constant state of flux, this installation shifts due to the movements of the eye and the body. As viewers move about the space the graphics of the decals invert, shift and stretch challenging the perceptions of the viewer. This artwork provides an opportunity to explore a new perception of the environment and inspire a sense of wonder.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Dylan Martinez

United States

Best known for his realistic water bag sculptures that challenge the viewer’s perception. Dylan Martinez’s artwork explores the playful and intriguing properties of glass. Dylan began blowing glass in 2007, while earning his BS in Broad Field Science from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He received his Master of Fine Arts, in Glass, at Ball State University in 2017. He is now running his own studio in White Salmon, WA in the scenic Columbia River Gorge where he continues to explore and push the boundaries of glass. His artwork has earned several awards of recognition and has been exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally.

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