Self Portrait 2020

creative introspection during this stressful year

Crocodile Tears 2020

I am not a fan of Trump. This piece shows his insincerity when expressing remorse for his actions.

Faesthetic #14 2015

Issue #14 showcases 128 pages of original "Play Time" themed art from over 45 artists. Featuring cover art by Matthew Hoffman, documentation of Cody Hudson's Artist-in-Residence at Soho House Chicago and a scratch & sniff comic strip by Jason Polan.

This limited edition issue is also the official catalog for the Toledo Museum of Art's 2015 Spring / Summer "Play Time" themed show.

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Dustin Hostetler

United States

I am a future-focused creative that uses design as a tool to make my art. Since the year 2000, I've worked as an artist under the name "UPSO" creating commercial works for internationally known brands and have also published a collaborative art "zine" called Faesthetic, collaborating and documenting creativity from around the world. It is my goal to create personal art as well as a zine with COCA.

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