(Mé) Tissages – Festival iternational des Jardins de Métis 2020

(Mé) Tissages is an installation for a poetic garden in Canada. The project is blending nature, architecture and art. It’s made of many woven landscapes that create an intricate atmosphere for the visitor, indeed many elastic strings are attached to concrete rebars shaping each individual world. The visitor has to open their way through the installation going through the different layers of the garden.

Swinging Cabin 2020

The project is a contemporary take on the rocking chair principle. It allows the users to share a moment of conviviality in a contemporary cocoon. The swinging Cabins are elegant and very easily buildable. They are made to be installed anywhere and everywhere.

Herbarium 2020

Herbarium is a pavillion where time has seemingly stopped to discover the particularities of each individual leaf that constitutes a park. Learn about the often discrete and overlooked nature of it’s leaves, their shape, their color, their size and their shade. Our role as designers is to reveal the beauty of what is already there, to think local and to engage with the public in ever new ways. Herbarium ultimately questions the contemporary status of a living structure. It will change and evolve throughout time due to the transformation of it’s leaves recognizing the cycle of life as an architectural statement.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Duc Truong



Duc Truong is a 26 year old French architect who has been working in international architecture firms like Sou Fujimoto Architects in Japan or O.M.A. in rotterdam. In 2017, he started a collective of architects to design all scales of interventions. In 2020 he was the laureate of the Festival des jardins de Métis with his proposal of a poetic garden for the festival. Always eager to engage new opportunities and situation to further develop his practice, he is currently developping multiple projects to promote his designs to the world.

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