SU48 – Peg Was Running Late 2019

Combining lines as a mnemonic to reflect the human inter-connectivity between individuals and socio-environment, the investigations into various materiality and processes, often re-contextualise to form new narratives. ’The Said And The Unsaid’ body of work is an exploration into the materiality of the traditional typewriter carbon paper, chancing upon the trajectory of Asemic Writing, forming a fresh narrative in duality, ‘paragraphs’ of words ‘said’ and words that are left ‘unsaid’. Each carbon paper bearing unique watermarks hinting at individual voices, are perhaps a scenerios of communications between one another. As each viewer lingers amidst the esoteric nuances of the paragraphic ‘said’ compositions, one’s unique life experiences are likely to bring forth personal interpretations, agrees perhaps of personal truths and beyond. The binary realm of the ‘unsaid’, haunting with unknowables long after the intended meanings are lost and forgotten, perhaps echoes with heavier regrets.

SU22 – Others / SU23 – Fickle / SU24 – Forthcoming 2017

From the body of work ‘The Said and Unsaid’, this series of work reflects upon individuals responding to circumstances in the society, expressing or not, individual perception of truth based on each separate lived-experiences and cognitive capacities to form personal truth.

SU28 – On Edges (Triptych) 2018

From the body of work ‘The Said and Unsaid’, this triptych work suggests a fleeting lightness of hear-says and somewhat playfulness in our communications with each other, the likeliness of missing gists in the meanings amidst the entirety of uttered messages.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Doreen Chua


Doreen graduated in 2016 from Goldsmith/LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, BA(Hons) and has participated in Group Shows, Art Fairs, Art Prizes as follow – Cliftons Art Prize 2017, AUS/SG (Finalist Show), Lethbridge 20000–2019, AUS (Finalist Show) and ‘Rejects’@ The Substation, SG (Group Show). Prior, Doreen was working as Art Director in the Advertising and Design industry. The creative work experiences had enforced the concept building and critical-thinking that had been most helpful in her current art practice.

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