Muse on Pegasus Variation 2018

Muse on Pegasus Variation – Digital Painting – 60cm x 60cm
Muse on Pegasus Variation was created after falling in love with Odilon Redon. With a soft colour palette and dynamic shading I emphasised his mythical and magical atmosphere. Abstract shapes and irregular dots compose movement and a world full of fantasy.

Orchid Variation 2018

Orchid Variation – Digital Painting – 60cm x 60cm
Orchid Variation was the first painting created in the series Inspirations from the Masters. Inspired by the abstraction and modernity of Georgia O’Keefe. Abstract shapes and precise shading portray the beauty of an orchid flower in bloom. Living, growing, blossoming is not only for flowers.

Mademoiselle Variation 2018

Mademoiselle Variation – Digital Painting – 60cm x 60cm
Mademoiselle Variation expresses the depths of life. Inspired by Renoir’s portrait of Mademoiselle Maire Therese Durand-Ruel. I recreated the strong energies of a young girl who’s life and experiences are abundant and flowing with positive energy. Abstract forms, shading and bright colours create sensations all on their own.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Dominique Czerednikow


Dominique Czerednikow is self-taught digital and visual artist. Freely developing her passion and artist education through forged life experiences and experiments. Oils have been her primary medium for over 12 years however technology has stimulated her to search further into her worlds. Working with only her ipad she has brought her traditional art techniques to another level. Emerging over the last year her digital works are exhibited in international digital collections in California and Paris. For her oil painting is sacred but technology is powerful. When you see her works as oil paintings or as digital exhibitions you will always know it is a Czerednikow because your heart might skip a beat.

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