Chado 2020

During a long hot summer in the forest, Child is forced to grow up. First her Dog becomes ill, then out of the blue her Mother returns to their dacha with a new lover. Child’s world is turned upside down. With each unsettling event, her visions become stronger to the point where she decides on a dangerous decision. Chado combines digital animation and risograph printing to transform a coming of age tale into an enchanting short film.

Chado is produced by Animate Projects, co-produced with Blind Pig, and made with the support of BFI NETWORK

Illusions 2016

Sometimes even the tragic accidents could lead to most happy endings..

‘Illusions’ was completed during my final year in Edinburgh College of Arts in 2016.

Film is done entirely in screen-printing technique, which means that all the frames were drawn by hand, turned into colour separations and screen printed on A3 sheets of paper, then scanned back in to create an animated sequence. More than 400 screen prints were created while making the film.

Film is based on a story “Goats Eyes” by Max Frei.

Blind Hand 2019

An installation video.

This is piece is made using solar plate printing technique and real flies and wasps dried up and stored inside projector slides. Made in collaboration with Ben Thompson.

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Dominica Harrison

United Kingdom

Dominica was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and now lives and works in London, England. She graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art. Her graduation film ‘Illusions’ was made entirely using a screenprint technique and had worldwide success at festivals and art exhibitions. The film won the Emergent Trigger Award at Locomotion Animation Festival, Best Animation – Feel The Reel Animation Festival, Shooting People’s Short Cuts December 2018 Round, the NEO Print Prize Award 2016.
She has continued to make work during multiple international residencies. Her latest short film Chado made with the support from BFI Network is currently touring the international film festival circuit. The touring exhibition ‘Chado: Dreaming In Texture’ focusing on the preproduction of the short film will be showed in venues in Leicester, Manchester and Bath.
Dominica work is focused on the themes of nostalgia, belonging and diasporic identity.

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