Transgenders' voice 2020

Saiba at me with her big eyes with blue and sad gaze to tell her story.
Saiba was born in Jarkhand, a remote state of India. As far as she can remember, she never felt like a little boy. As a small child, she was already walking in his village with a feminine gait. Her attitude provoked the reprobation of all the inhabitants and her own family locked her up for days in the house and prevented her from going to school. Her older brother then decides to take Saiba to Mumbai to study. The situation does not improve as force her to enter the ranks of the strong sex. At 12 she runs away. She start to prostitute to earn little money to get by. Her dream was to have her own place. Seating on the edge or her bed she said, I wanted to have a house , this one is my house. I wanted to be reconciled with my family, I am now on very good terms with mum. All my dreams are realized. I do not want anything more. She smiles.

Awa- Guaja 2016

Panatí is a member of the Awa- Guaja .
in a sweet moment while she breastfeeding a baby squirrel. The baby animals are adopted and become an extension of the Awa family.
The Awa- Guaja is the last nomad tribe that is been discovered in the Brazilian Amazon.
Without doubt the Awá-Guajá tribe are fighting for their survival against invasion by colonists and loggers who are rapidly depleting the natural resources on which this nomadic hunter-gatherer tribe depends for its existence. The situation is critical.
'The Last Hunters’ is the result of a sensitively executed five-year project. The fragility of the Awá's future is real. It is essential that we do not remain passive, that we continue the effort to make a vital contribution to the future of this tribe One which will be lived without the constant fear of losing their land, their loved ones and their unique way of life.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Domenico Pugliese


I am a freelance photographer based in London, and my work has appeared in many national and international magazines and newspapers. I have over twenty years of experience in the professional field of photography.I have travelled widely throughout Latin America documenting the Emerald Mines in Colombia, Space Base in Brazil as well as Zapatista’s of Mexico and common themes in my practice are the environmental consequences of development in which the local community does not reap the benefits of multinational corporations.
I approach all of my subjects with the intention of creating an image that reflects a deeper meaning and understanding of them. The themes of the body, bonds of the family and their place in society are key elements of my work as well as a profound sense of social conscience, documenting the impoverished, disenfranchised and the poor. Above all, I relate to my subjects with fundamental respect and empathy.

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