PRAXIS / 17th November 2006 2006

“creations are the remnants of desires”
Creation is not just a would-be message and meaning, instead it sets the path through where these two things pass through. That which one creates, discovers, invents somewhere outside the stream of reality should not be given back just to be presented as a spectacle within it, but should have the intention to cause a deviation of that stream to that certain point. So that someone would be invited and at the same time challenged to pave a new way to that same point of creation and be a “leading light”, each one dragging and embodying different materials to that effort.
“the human being is the only space where the creator and their piece of work can be the same body”

PRAXIS / 6th Μarch 2008 2008

PRAXIS / 17th Μarch 2014 2014

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Painting has never been a choice for me. Ever since I can remember myself I paint. Growing up in the town of Pyrgos in Peloponnese I would watch my father, who, as a civil engineer in the times before the personal computers, would sit at his desk with the lamp, the rapidographs, the rulers, the calipers and would draw on the rice paper like an alchemist-monk in his cell. Along with painting, I am involved with artistic theory and practice. Over the last 14 years, I have been developing and researching the concept of “idiomorphosis” as to how human creativity emerges, develops and evolves. In the context of this research “PRAXIS” are structured as an applied poetics method of creating actions and situations of “idiomorphosis” in the public space, which are filmed and photographed.
Mostly self-taught, today I live and work in Athens and I try to create a deeply human art . An art that will never be made by any machine and will never be seen anywhere in nature.

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