‘Camino Al Destino’ 2019

The Illimani is the symbol of the identity of La Paz and the best known summit in Bolivia. I have particular interest in using this symbology to validate the influence of the presence of the mountain in the organization and settlement of surrounding populations that consider the mountain the APU or protective ACHACHILA. My project seeks the intervention of art through a circle of shoes at the highest point (base camp or condor), symbolizing walking, leaving traces in the quest for the constant search for settlement of the people, is an investigation of the footprint left by human beings throughout history considering migration as a transcendental element, who are the walkers? The circle of shoes found in the surrounding cities and areas represents the unity and utopia of perfection. When walking around the circle for a certain period of time it is inevitable to leave footprints, the idea of ​​going back and forth round and round, with shoes worn by the long walk under the shadow of the


Tracing Rituals 2018

The origin of the research is to look for a structure in the city of La Paz, the space instigates a critical thought in its mixture of elements, I have visually observed the periphery and the center, to understand the ceramics I have decided to focus on the need for transformation of matter (ceremonial vessels, sahumerians, tiwanakotas objects, etc.) Tiwunaku being an important starting point to study the origins of the development of the highland area.
The need to move stones to create forms, architectural structures, such as temples that serve for a collective experience, the need for protection and celebration. Ceremonial vessels, as an example, and other ceramics are also a symbol of the need for societies to represent and present a valuable object that serves the ritual. The creation of structures is in itself a ritual that gives rise to societies and civilizations through the collective and fear of the unknown, myth or danger.
Today we talk about the development and transformatio

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Diana Pereyra

United States


Diana Pereyra is an artist whose multimedia works explore mindfulness as it relates to the self, culture, and power structures.
The artwork attempts to convey ideas of mindfulness by translating them into visual gestures, installations, performance, sculptures and paintings that question the maintaining a mindful life in the midst of cultural pressures and power dynamics. The work takes diverse forms from intervention of objects to drawings, video or text, making different forms as a result of the exploration of the self and authenticity of the being.
Pereyra explores the present time and context. Through awareness and understanding of the politics of interactions with objects and creation of images and objects in the site where they are presented.

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