Mother's love 2020

The painting was painted during the world covid quarantine, sitting at home I watched documentaries about life in Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nairobi and Kibera. Inspired, I went to the balcony, took the canvas and began to create!

This mother's head isn't clogged with information rubbish, the race for trends, the routine lifestyle of the people, here is many differences between my life in Kazakhstan and her. The bodies and hair are covered with a red mixture, and the hairstyles and ornaments characterize a certain status of the woman.

Stretched canvas 50cmx70 cm, acrylic
With love, Diana from Kazakhstan!

Kazakh mom 2020

The painting shows my mother and brother. This is a Kazakh mother who keeps up with the times. Despite the European style, she wears a piece of culture- national jewelry. The boy's hairstyle is also modernized, but usually boys are braided a little pigtail from the evil eye. This interesting hairstyle is called "aidar".

The main idea- Mother takes care of her baby, gives warmth like any mother of all nations. Feeds, dresses, teaches. And the blue background always personifies freedom and a peaceful sky overhead. I believe love will save the world!

Stretched canvas 70cmx80cm, acrylic
With respect, Diana from Kazakhstan!

Touching the past 2020

Space theme, these are petroglyphs, mainly painted on the rocks of the Kazakh steppe, a magical painting for me!

Stretched canvas 2metersx80cm, acrylic
With respect, Diana from Kazakhstan!

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Diana Aikimbayeva


I'm Diana 21 years artist from capital of Kazakhstan!I love brightness, saturation which combined with minimalism. A month ago I visited 7 of the most beautiful places in my native country, so many ideas for paintings appeared, inspired by nature and people.

An artist is a person who tells a history from a certain time. I am young but I like to analyze the problem in each art project, generate ideas, collect information and then make a quality product. I am looking for myself, draw paintings, on walls, teach people of different ages to draw, do interior design, illustrate books, do prints for a brand of children's clothes, now I want to be closer to industrial design, this sphere is about comfort, tasks and creativity.

I draw from childhood, when I stop drawing, I feel bad)) I love filming video processes, love history, psychology, design, try to improve my English. I believe that by revealing ourselves, we will be able to improve the world around us! More on instagram

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