Eternal Offering 2020

Pilgrimage is one's journey to an unfamiliar place, a quest for new meanings in terms of spiritual, natural, about change.This work tells the story of people's lives now in the midst of plague conditions, although outbreaks have occurred several times in human history but this is the latest and we do not know for sure when this will end.Everyone in the world becomes a pilgrim on an unexpected journey, everyone transforms, transforms positively, because in reality togetherness in the face of this difficult time of human instinct as a social being does not die but instead blossoms everywhere, the sense of care, sympathy and empathy for those in need is always there, as long as this instinct for togetherness does not wither believing the beauty of harmony in humanity after a difficult time ends will be even more beautiful.

The One Who Rise From The Mud 2020

The lotus has long been regarded as a sacred by many of the world's cultures , "the one who rise from the mud" yes it is lotus flower , from this point we all know how lotus flower became a metaphor for many cultures and religions for centuries, all which are relevant and meaningful to those of us in today's society ,as a lotus that rise from the mud , pain has the capacity to move us into unknown emotional depth , we cannot hate what hurts us , because that only damages us more , just like the lotus flower, elevate and rise through shadow and darkness

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Dhawa Rezkyna


I have always been fascinated and inspired by plants. How they can adapt to their environment. The living ecosystem doesn't really have a “voice", but it keeps thriving. Plants become indicators of fertility, prosperity, and human life which can show our place and position in everyday cultural issues.
This inspiration pours into my work which is expressed in many shapes and elements of real and imagined plants, leaves, flowers, and cactus. These objects are shown within an ecosystem or habitat which contains imaginary objects and creatures.
The imaginary creature is a combination of blurry traces of the past colliding with the present. The object was drawn a figure with a flower heads representing the ideal form of man. It is both a criticism and at the same time a question about patterns of behavior, the emotions of people still studying to become an ideal human being, how to adapt, and to evolve.
The plants in my artwork appear with strange colors because I want people to see

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