Punk Locks. 2017

I like punk rock, hate authority. I use text from lyrics that I sing while driving my truck to the studio. What the music represents I hope is a a moral compass for the bogus brand You can read what I designed, but to know what it means you got to know the whole song.


Optimist Luggage. 2016

I first started to make suitcases because as a young artist I had to pack up and move every year. Like my identity, my work is a contradiction. One day it’s about concealing deep psychological baggage, the next, an optimistic view of my inflated ego in a Warholian pop reference

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

David Bogus

United States

David Bogus was born in Fall River, Massachusetts and holds an MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a BFA from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. He has taught at The University of Idaho, The University of Wyoming, Texas A&M International University, and was Assistant Professor of Art in Ceramics at Eastern Kentucky University. Recently, Bogus was selected as a 2015 NCECA Emerging Artist. He has shown his work both internationally and nationally at various venues including; Icheon World Ceramic Center, Alijira Center for Contemporary Art, The Las Cruces Museum of Art, The Carbondale Clay Center, The Nicolaysen Museum of Art, The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, The Florida State University Museum of Art, The Seattle Design Center, The Phoenix Gallery, and Brown U

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