Couple ( recycled plastic assemblage) 2021

Through the aesthetics of an art object I’m hoping to change the
society’s perception of recycled waste – that it is a valuable resource
for producing new and beautiful things, substantially reducing the
pressure on ecology and nature.
Every citizen in one way or another interacts with plastic and becomes
an accomplice in the environmental processes taking place on the planet.
Therefore, a cycle is created for plastic waste – its presence in the
living environment of the city and nature. To unify this concept, I
place the image in a circle – a symbol of eternity and cyclicality.
In this project, I continue to research plastic, after work experience
and a number of successful experiments with various types of plastic,
studying the chemical and plastic properties of the material, I went
further and tried to create a full-fledged picture from recycled
household waste.
In this project, the statement and the message are already within the
very mode of production of the object. I completely

Video about process how I was make a " Couple" 2019

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Darion Shabbash


My name is Darion Shabbash, I was born in 1990 in Kazakhstan. In 2016 I was arrive in Moscow and working there at next 4 years. At the end of 2020, I moved to Berlin – here I recycle plastic and make paintings out of it.
I'm a real patriot of my work.
Please look at the images that I want to implement and I'm also attaching my web site for that you can read about my work in more detail.

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