Oxygen 2016

A brief reflection on life close to the surface. Without high flights or deep dives, where is the air?

The invisible 2016

This work talks about the many layers that we use to protect ourselves, that in the end, we become tracks of ourselves.

Home 2019

The more we move away from what is easy to understand, the more we turn to what is deep, the more we become blurry for collective reading and the more we move away from what is part of common sense.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Danny Bittencourt



Danny Bittencourt is a Brazilian visual artist who circulates between artistic production, education and the writing of books. Graduated in Photography, specialist in Visual Poetry and Master of Education, she is dedicated to sharing her research and experience through lectures, workshops and courses. Her lectures and workshops have already been seen in several states of Brazil and Argentina. She was founder of the School of Artistic Photography, in Porto Alegre, school that aimed to expand the notion of photography and to establish reflections and dialogues with other artistic fields. She is the author of the book “Fine Art Photography” by iPhoto Editora and “Hybrid Photography” released independently. It has more than eight individual exhibitions and several collective exhibitions, including exhibitions outside Brazil, such as Venice and Buenos Aires. Currently, her artistic research investigates practices related to Hybrid Photography, where she mixes the printed photograph with mix

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