Requiem 2019

The ceramic “line sculptures” I create are flexible ceramic sculptures that can be changed freely in space, allowing different figuration for the structure of chaos and death created by the destruction of war.
this specific line sculpture was made after a photo of a skeleton of an animal left after the use of nuclear weapon on the city of Nagasaki during WW2.
the work required a long process of making that included image research, sketching, forming with nichrome wire and paperclay, firing to stoneware (1240 Celsius) and coating with several layers of urushi (Japanese laquer) to get the final result.

Memorial Vessel 1 2019

This work is part of series of vessels I call “Memorial Vessels” which draws their shapes from military vessels such as battle ships, combat aircraft and tanks, and tries to articulate, in terms of the ceramic material, this open wound in both Israeli and Palestinian societies, in various ways;
the void within the vessels as a symbol of absence,
the surface of the vesicant, layered, cutting glaze of the vessels refers to the formation of wounds and scars created by this absence in the remaining living, and the fading grays speaks of the way time blurs our memory of the dead.
Nevertheless, the possible use of those vessels as vases for water and flowers offers a little consolation and hope for a better future.
This specific memorial vessel was inspired by the shape of a tank model AAVP7A1 .

shino vase 3 2018

This vase was created as a result of my insights and interpretations following a study of different forms of natural elements (especially rocks) and the ways plants are growing, combined with my Ikebana studies.
In this flower vase I hope to evoke within the viewers a kind of natural feeling of the self, of time and thoughts about the beauty of creation.

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United States

Danit, a ceramic artist who was born in a volcano crater in kibbutz Merom Golan in the north of Israel and now workes and teaches at a privet studio in the south of Israel, not far from Gaza strip.
Graduate of the Kalisher college of Art and worked as an art teacher.
Following a severe car accident began ceramic as a therapy and fascinated by this medium specialized in ceramic from the department of ceramic sculpture and pottery at Sapir collage art school and from the school of visual art at Kay collage, as well as various master class in ceramic, liquer art and ikebana at France and in Japan.
member of the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel.
Her works can be found in privet collections in Tel-Aviv and Cesaria.

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