Have you lost your dream? 2019

The Romans worshipped Somnus,his Greek counterpart is Hypnos. In Greek mythology Hypnos is the god of sleep, son of Nyx (Night) and twin brother of Thanatos, personification of death. Hypnos slept in a cave on the banks of the Oblivion river, he was able to soothe human suffering and, in order to accomplish his task, he sent his children, oneiroi, to make human beings fall asleep and dream. Hypnos/Somnus could make Gods sink into sleep, too, it was considered a benevolent deity and was surrounded by dreams, oineroi. He was often depicted as a naked young man with wings on his head.

Have you lost your dream? 2019

Have you lost your dream? 2019

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Daniela Di Lullo



She explores reality often using the dialogue between collages and pictorial techniques, as simulators of the most hidden aspects of relational dynamics, her work makes a recognition of human nature and its deepest tensions. Her last works tell of the attempt to overcome dualism and antagonism proper to the human condition, through a work of synthesis between different elements, subjects and techniques, apparently opposite. An analysis of our times, which the artist carries forward with the awareness of those who continue to question himself relentlessly.

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