A morning ride 2021

The city on NYC has a huge homeless problem, and the problem is that people no longer care about them, in my painting I wanted to create an almost erotic Greek like figure that represents that no matter how much a person fits into society standards or not, if it’s homeless is the same in the eye of the people, non existent

immigrant stealing your job 2021

This project shows the over sexualization of Latin immigrants in the United States and how young people specially lgbtq+ people is forced on sex work in order to survive, and how this is just hidden. That why the figure is peeing on its passport representing how it’s gotta ignore its immigration status in order to survive (self portrait)

What it once was 2021

This was a painting with tho brush strokes, loaded with one of the most powerful feelings I was experiencing at the time which was despair and love, when I wiped the second stroke the first one started dripping and crying, during several days the painting kept on crying, falling, crackling until it finished on its own

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Daniel Nunez

Costa Rica


I’m a proud non binary Latin designer, I am a very fashion centered person. I love creating with different materials and experiment different techniques, as an artist and creative I’m inspired by 3 things, the beauty of nature, speacially the nature of my country, by fashion, local and international, and by the entire LGBTQ+ community and its ways to find the beauty and art in every expression of the human body.
As a person I must say I’m always and advocate for the minorities, being as part of several my whole life, I’ve found that my purpose is to try and bring equity to the world and show it as an expression with my artistic creations, as art is created to disrupt and not to please.
I’m 26 years old, I’ve lived in San Jose and New York and I must say that capitalism is destroying our planet and I much rather be happy at home where the sun shines haha, I have a degree in arts and graphic design,.

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