Continuum 2020

From a series of paintings called, "Future Monuments". Acrylic on linen, 240×205 cm.

Untitled (Ellipses) 2020

From a series of paintings called, "Future Monuments". Acrylic on linen, 130×120 cm.

Synesthesia: 27-97 2020

From a series of paintings called, "Synesthesia". Acrylic on linen, a Dyptich: 205×240 cm, aand 205×240 cm.

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Daniel Mullen


Rotterdam based abstract architectural painter, Daniel Mullen, was born in Glasgow, Scotland 1985 to Irish parents. He graduated in 2011 with a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Mullen has exhibited internationally; London, Vancouver, New York, Sao Paulo and has had recent museums shows in Curitiba and Berlin. His work has also been acquired by notable private and corporate collections. He was recently shortlisted for the Aesthetica art Prize. A prominent part in Mullen’s work is his expert use of colour aiming to affect the perception of the viewer. For him, colour and laying the layers down is an almost alchemic sensorial experience. In the paintings the complex organization and meticulous execution of form and structure come into play to guide the viewer through relationships that are offered through illuminated hues and fleeting perspectives of aerial compositions. Are they thresholds? Portals? Space and weightless architecture remain present in this imaginative universe.

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