Waves 2020

Introspective and reflective journey on immensity and cycles.
Cycles where we review ourselves in the immense and insignificant existence, but with strength and enigma life.
It puts closer the surface of the waves with the deepest waters.
Highlight the contrast of motion between the horizontal waves of the artist's introspective journey and the force of the waves against his body.
The work does not have any kind of digital change at the level of distortion or entrainment, but arises rather from a mismatch or response of equipment with a difference of half a century, a mirrorless camera and a lens of a series of 1970s at high shutter speeds.
Creating the error, or art.

The image it’s a single from the waves series that counts with more than 10 artworks

Abstree 2018

A composition that portrays in its own way two of the greatest natural crises that the artist country currently goes through. The water scarcity and forest fires that have devastated Portugal, situations that have worsened especially during the last decade, and, in his opinion, there are no prospects for improvement.

Untitled abstract 2020

Abstract intervention

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Daniel Inacio



A visual and plastic artist from Viseu, Portuguese central region.
Award winning photographer who adopted multi-discipline as a rule and a way of escaping routine, always seeking growth through new learnings and experiences. Thus, inacii has never been framed in a single artistic movement, prefers to venture into various movements within its growth. In its multidiscipline stand out a great connection with abstract and minimalism.
One of its most extensive bodies of work is @forgottenformations, a photographic and exploration project where the artist finds the elements that most attract him to existing together. In this case the post-industrialization and degradation of structures, as well as the reconquering of nature over them. It was also this project that most marked its learning curve because photographing elements always different in never-alike conditions offered the artist a forced growth

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