Driton, the Boxer 2020

This work is a portrait of the conceptual artist Driton Selmani. Driton, as an artist, provides a framework for the paradoxical and problematic states of mind and environment in his native Kosovo. Driton is presented here with discarded plastic bags as boxing gloves in the position of early 20th century boxer images with the capital, Prishtina, in the background from near his home.

Azem (Defender) 2014

This work is a portrait of post war Kosovo. Azem (the Defender) is an austere personality positioned in the backdrop of a village cafe adorned with the kitschy post war painting as an adornment.

Untitled (parks) 2002

These works of parks and forests are on an ongoing exploration of the relational environments around walkways and pathways.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Daniel Cosentino

United States


Daniel Cosentino (b.1974 – NJ, USA) is a Multimedia Artist and Assistant Professor at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) (formerly American University in Kosovo) via the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Global Programs. Cosentino holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Rutgers University with a minor in Music Theory and a Master of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts/Photography from RIT. Parallel to his years in University, Cosentino lived and worked in the Mountain West of the US, administering a Custom Photo lab in Jackson, Wyoming, just prior to the professional shift from analog to digital in photography. During this time, Cosentino developed his first public exhibitions and deeper questions of the photographic discourses. In the proceeding years Cosentino attended a post-baccalaureate studio art program (SACI) in Florence, Italy, before moving to Rochester, New York to complete an MFA in Imaging Arts. During these years Cosentino worked as an exhibition preparator at the George Eastman House

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