Mother 2021

Mother’ 2021 charcoal / paper protect “Human host ” 40 cm x 51 cm

Empty nest 2021

Empty nest” a collection of 3 drawings, with each piece I created, I expressed emotional story of 2 lovers, they individual point of view to both feelings. Each drawing is individual fragment of this story , and can be set up by itself. However if you place fragments all together it will become one , and will be able to tell a story combined. We can notice this in our life too,each fragment of our life builds our story.

charcoal / paper protect “Human host ” each 40cm x 40 cm

Night 2020

original art, oil /acrylic/ fabric canvas/acrylic 75 cm x 90

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Dacc Dukjan

United Kingdom

Dacc E Dukjan
Based in Yorkshire, originally from Latvia. I create highly spontaneous and expressive art, using mixed media and different types of
materials. My practice predominantly focuses on painting.I am self-taught and draw my
inspiration from human relationships and our everyday struggles with inner demons, emotional turmoil and the melancholic meaning of time and space. There is no concept of what the results will be whilst doing my art. I do not analyse, don’t have
expectations ,don’t feel that I have to prove anything. I am unafraid! I only feel freedom! And I believe this is what makes me the artist that I am, being so connected, to my life.

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