Popsicles 2018

Interconnection of color speaks of dependency of people upon each other by referencing the recognizable icy treat

Sweet Hearts 2018

Oversize Candy Hearts words of love and compassion on the city streets

Slices of Heaven 2017

Oranges connected, inspired by the rising sun and flowers bloom

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Craig Gray

United States


Connecting community, exploring its culture and helping to add identity through sculpture. This is my approach for public artworks. Weaving a story with the goal of warming the creative soul and bringing happiness to the heart are just a few of the objectives of my designs. I use rugged natural materials incorporating recognizable symbols to embrace many aspects of a locality inspiring and bridging generations of peoples from diverse backgrounds.

In the past five years I have shared the story of sculpture on a temporary and permanent basis with over 75 communities in 24 states across North America. The locations form a diverse fabric across our nation: Boston MA ,Chicago IL, Jackson Hole WY, and San Fransisco CA just to name a few. My life is a balance of Art and family with my wife Angela, and our four children on an Island home of Key West, Florida.

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