Pollinating Proxies 2019

Nature and representation have a difficult relationship. Nature is often marked or framed by tools of representation. The line between candid and staged is blurred with many layers of construction at work. Inspired by amateur “birding” photographers, Pollinating Proxies is a recreation of a photographic set. Nectar-bearing plants act as the focal point of this photographic set a with large macro image of green foliage as the backdrop behind the "pollinating" zone. This staging is standard practice for birding photography that use staged photographic techniques to create a parallax between foreground and background. This parrallax is used as a technique to create distance on current forms of consmuption with regard to pollination and systems of perpetuation.

Pollinating Proxies explores collective narratives around consumption and desire through the materials of hummingbird photography, white sugar and the materiality of digital media. Pollinating Proxies is an installation consistin

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Colin Rosati



Colin Rosati works between Berlin and Toronto. His practice is informed by balancing the often polarized worlds of technological immersion and engagement with agency, vitality, and care. Rosati uses installation, electronics, video, and software to explores desire and consumption.

Much of Rosati's work arises from questoning how ideology is performed. Research trajectories into ecology, non-human species, metabolism and pharmaceuticals inform his work as these materials bare traces of ideology. This research figures as a thread that places human behaviours and lifestyles into larger narratvies. Often ideology appears to be embedded within design; from urban planning which orgnaizes people to the commodifcaton of attenton that emerge from networked technology. In tracing these pathways Rosati connects seemingly unrelated histories toghether to speculate new trajectories of making.

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