Africa – serie alegorie 2020

South African bird feathers in resin

D. Fernando – Serie oeuf 2020

Exhaust pipe

pills for fan – serie dosege 2020

acrylic and paint

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Clo Bourgard


Born in Lisbon in 1970, she dedicated herself to art from an early age and completed an arts course at the António Arroio Art School in 1991. She took a history course at the Universidade Lusíada, and a sculpture course at the Heritage Science Institute. Also has a diploma in Heritage Management from the National Culture Center and has taken several other courses, including a Sculpture Course with Mestre João de Brito and an Artistic Installations Course at the Nextart School.
Clo worked as the director of an art gallery in Portugal before becoming a full-time artist, carrying out research in the area of materials and resins in her studio in Estoril, where she paints and sculpts. Her work is considered expressionist according to Fundação Milénio’s curator Rui Paiva, and is represented in several private collections and museums. Over the last 20 years, Clo Bourgard has participated in more than 50 solo and group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

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