Sphere Maze 2020

New possibilities since the Digital Softwares, wich gives us the chance to find new forms…..for me, Rhinoceros & Grasshopper show always new tools to advance and play with algorithms and plugins for this intention.

Ekster 2019

That was a design of me that comes from Hand Sketchs birds, after that i have send the original sketch to Triangles and after that to laser cut wood.
But the idea was at the same time, make a fourniture for Pediatrie Spaces,”small bibliotheek” for kinderen in the sleeping rooms in the Hospital.(working together with an architectural office/ideas for Pediatrie Spaces).

Differents objects Since Digital Softwares 2018

Another form, that comes since the courses from plugins,exercises and the new tools, softwares and plugins=algorithms to find new Forms-Solutions.
Obviously the problem here is when i want to make this in grotte dimensions, and the price is imposible to pay for me.There are labs, who works with great Printings but the price stay yet so high for my opinion….

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Claudio Pincas



I am architect (since 1984/Argentina-BuenosAires University),
and artist (Differents Arts School in Buenos Aires/1982-1999).
I have made a lot of exhibitins in Argentine, untill 2007.
After that i live in Belgium.

I work with Singulart.com/Gallery on lune/artist: Claudio Pincas Feldman
I have worked in architecture, Paintings ,Digital and 3D Objects-Sculptures.
Always update courses.

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