Two sides of the story 2018

Inspired by the duality of the Day and Night, I believe there are always two sides of the same story.

After the Flood 2017

Difficulties can actually help us to grow and overcome. Instead of drowning we can always rise and never fall. Duality of rising and falling, darkness and light, spiritual and material.

The other side of a Black Hole 2019

Black Hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out, then people can’t see them . I describe the other side of a black hole as full of energy, where there is light and interesting things can happen. The choice of how to live and do not fall into those black holes in our lifes is ours. Duality of black and white, darkness and light, falling and rising, active and inactive.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Clari Netzer


Born in Monterrey, N.L, México.
After graduated in B.A in Communication Sciences (1983) I moved to Israel to live in Kibbutz Ein Gev.
Self-taught artist, my paintings are characterized by dualism and color rooted in México where I grew up, this influence is considerably noticeable in my artworks and in my activities as an Israeli artist today.
Making use of contrasting elements which eventually reach balance and harmony I intend to denote a state of two parts, a view about the relationship between mind and matter where two opposites co-exist in harmony.

My paintings are showcased in Exhibitions, can be found in public and private collections and have been published in worldwide Art Books and magazines.
Along my artistic work I lecture to promote the role of women in the arts and the richness of the the Mexican Popular Art.

Actually I reside and work in Carmiel.

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