Dona Cisa 2021

– Acrylic painting on canvas. A mysterious landscape with beauty yellow flowers that draw attention, and does not hide the sea in the background.

– Size 110x90x4cm, original canvas painting

– Year 2021

Day and Night 2020

– Acrylic painting on canvas.
The movements of stranger beings between blue sky day, and the pointing lights at dark night, make this art inspire curiosity and intriguing visions on what you can see, in fact.

– Size 100x80x2cm original canvas painting

– Year 2020

Twin Towers 2018

– In a modern-contemporary style and warm colors, TWIN TOWERS refers to the twin towers with the sunset in the background; acrylic on canvas.

– Size 100x80cm original canvas painting

– Year 2018

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Clairé Hills


From São Paulo, Brazil, I create my artworks of the most varied styles, colors and techniques, under the artist signatures CLAIRÉ HILLS and SANTIAGO SOARES.

In painting on canvas, I use acrylic and oil painting, classic-modernist, contemporary, pop, urban and street-art styles.

In photography, I capture the best angle from my sensitive vision, be it landscapes, animals or people.

In the illustrations, fun, abstract and decorative arts are also created in a professional and relaxed way, using charcoal and graphite on canson, plus acrylic as well.

All my artworks are displayed on my web-site, social networks and art galleries, in order to give meaning to the use in decoration, whether in interior design and environments of the most diverse, or in galleries as a work of art, and also awaken the senses of those who appreciate it.

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