Purpurflow-transparent Space- 2018. 2018

In a world full of things i use the free spaces, and the transparent glass to show the Purpurflow: Ephemeral colours appear and vanish as an spherical flashmob. Colour- a beautiful soul breathed like breathe on the surface and show a transparent and multidimensional light and colour-space. We are inside, but later we go outside. We transforme by going inside and outside.and looking through the different layers of being. The composition is an intuitive, immaterial colour performance. As far as possible, natural material is used, which can be removed without residue.


Foto of the multidimensional Purpurflow- transparent space 2018. 2018

The,complexity of refelection and transparency pass through each other and shows the different layers of consciousness of our time.There is colour-painting and there is graphic,.There is a real moment and there is the stillness of time. It shows a spherical artwork and also a real room in the natural light of the century summer 2018.


The Purpurflow- the transparent space in the night. 2018

From outside.:the Purpurflow in the nigth..The transparent colour shows us in a very naturally way the multidimensionality of room, time and consciousness.. We are outside. Look at the other concept ( Purpurflow)

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Christine Dahrendorf


geboren 1962 in Hamburg seit 2004 Malerei und Mentorin für visionäre Kreativität 2010 Deutscher Solarpreis Architekturglasdesign, 2006-2017 Initiatorin und Förderin von SchwanhofAteliers als Freiraum für Ideen, 2001-04 Studium der Malerei und Grafik, Institut für bildende Kunst Philipps-Universität, Marburg. 1993-98 Skandinavienstyle – ökologische Renovierung, Modernisierung am Objekt.
1989-92 Mobiles Farbpuppentheater, Stuttgart/Hamburg. 1986-90 Fachschule für Sozial- und Waldorfpädagogik, Stuttgart. 1982-85 Schauspielstudium Studio-Bühne, Bremen. 1976-85 Regisseurin und/oder Schauspielerin, Darstellendes Spiel, Pforzheim

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