The porters 2018

A way out from the captivity. A king in his own personal prison.And the porters that leading him in freedom. Everybody can be a king .Even a black boy.

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Chris Chadilas


I am Chris Chadilas and I am a visual artist from Greece based in Munich, Germany. I started painting at a very young age. As long as I remember myself I painted almost every day in every possible surface that was available for me. Papers, walls my school books and napkins were my daily canvases. This spontaneous call of mine became the trigger to engage painting on a professional level as for me it was now a one way street. So at the age of twelve I started taking private drawing courses with different artists, attended also art seminars at every possible opportunity that I had. These small possible opportunities that I had These small steps made me go deeper to the world of lines and synthesis of a simple image. Growing up at the age of 22 I took the decision to move to Italy -Florence to have a more professional education. These were the years that matured me artistically and gave me the feeling to understand or experience art on a different level of perception.

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