Frequency 2018

Frequency communicates through non-verbal language the vastness of the infinite universe.
It takes us on a psychological journey- questioning whether our universe is just one or many co-existing parallels?

Pixel Series: Beach, Flowers & Springs 2019

The story of our lives are documented through our moving pictures, as we keep repeating the moments over and over again. These digital fragments of our lives are then placed on social media. Our social footprint immortalized. Is it our longing for others to know that we do in fact exist? Or is it enough for us to know that we are a pixel in the Infinite Web.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Cheryl Maeder

United States

Cheryl Maeder was born in Elmwood Park, NJ, USA. In her 20s moved to Zurich, Switzerland. Maeder studied art at Zurich University of the Arts. After 8 years in Switzerland, Maeder returned to USA & opened her studio in San Francisco, photographing international advertising & fashion campaigns. Maeder transitioned from photographing fashion models to real women. Her work became the inspiration for the Dove Campaign on “Real Women, Real Beauty” transforming the way women are seen in the global media. 2005, Maeder relocated her studio to Miami area & immersed herself into video & fine art. Maeder’s investigations into new technology expanded her world, creating opportunities for large-scale video installations. Maeder’s work is in permanent museum collections-Frost Museum/Miami, exhibited internationally-The Louvre Museum/Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art/Rome, San Francisco MoMA, Cooper Union/NY & Norton Museum/FL, Art Miami, Scope Art Fair/NY, London Art, & Shanghai Art Fairs.

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