Plastic in AR 2020

This is one of the works realised during my artist residency at KYTA, Himachal.
The project conceptualises the many elements that take up space in more ways than we comprehend.

Here's a fun anecdote from this residency- I was there to work on a land art installation. Due to unexpected weather, none of the material could be delivered and I couldn't work on the project I was there for.
This, my potential new friend, was when I stumbled upon AR.

(There are many more from the series, explore my website for more)

Candle smoke on paper 2019

As soon as the candle flame touches the paper, it creates soot, traces of black carbon. The soot depot on paper is extremely fragile, it can easily be altered by any contact. Anything that brushes or touches the soot will leave its trace.

The ongoing collection talks about the delectations and fragility of the place we occupy in the space.

(There are many more from the series, explore my website for more)

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.



I am an ever experimenting artist based in New Delhi.

I have been to about 5 artist residencies

Loire Valley, France.

NIRVANA, Mukteshwar,

KYTAA, Kalga, Himachal

PARRA, Parra, Goa

Udaipur, Rajasthan

My list of shows include- ​

Comicon, Delhi, 2019​

Place Du Tertre, Montmarte, Paris ​
Atelier d’artiste, Brehemont, France​2018

IGNCA, Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts 2014, 2018, 2019

Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India. 2015, 2017

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