Merzlotnik. 2016

Dug underground in the permafrost this ice cave is a natural fridge, or a tomb for animals that mankind eats. Climate change is profoundly altering the weather balances of the Arctic region. Permafrost is likely to disappear. The marked warming will remove this space.


Flare. 2016

Extract from the tundra the gas is burned. This flame symbolizes the pressure that our way of life imposes on the environment.


Here dies the whale . 2017

Is photography about death? Is a portrait a way to immortalize our self, to fix an impalpable present? Lie and death are part of a natural cycle, killing to survive is a common thing. Did we, as a species, went to far in our will to survive? This photograph symbolize those questions. It also represent my feelings about our lost connection with the death of the animal we eat, and therefore with the nature and our deep self.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Charles Xelot


Born in 1985, photographer since 2010. Charles Xelot performs a documentary research work while having a plastic approach related to the history of photography and contemporary issues. His subjects confront current themes related to the development of human societies with absolute concepts such as death or religion. He worked on long-term projects in Russia that gave rise to 4 books. His photographs are regularly exhibited and present in several major collections such as that of the Borusan Museum in Istanbul. He is represented by the Atelier 55 gallery in Megève and St Tropez and by the Cimaise gallery in Geneva.

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