Toi et moi 2019

Within the layers of textures and colors, I show the portrait of my couple. A love matures with time, experiences shapes us and defines the dynamics of a deep relationship. Two separate entites than couples aligned in several planes. Acrylic on canvas, and plaster.

Believe 2019

All our believes contained within the limits of the general conventions. What we dare to judge and ultimately , disbelieve depends on our capacity of seeing beyond those imposedd boundaries. Acrylic on canvas, plaster and discarded materials.

Nosotras 2019

Portrait of my family. Each square represents one of us: me, my sister and my mom. Each carries her own colors and what we cannot see, hidden in the darker colors are that define us within the nucleus of our family. All of us show something to the world, but what we do not show belong to the family dinamics, this intimacy is only revealed to those close to us.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Carolina Ramos


Born and raised n Caracas, Venezuela in 1968. It was at high school that I was  first exposed to different painting techniques. After obtaining my Fashion design degree, I opened a Haute couture embroidery and jewllery workshop. My interest in plastic arts was reflected in my work which included abstract embroidery and painted fabric as well as texture juxtaposition which was uncommon at the time. Meanwhile, I continued to paint and experiment with different techniques. In 2006, I moved to Montreal where I continue to develop as artist.

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