Dorian 2019

Hurricane Dorian is the inspiration for this Oil Painting on Canvas.
Size: 60cm x 60 cm
Started this paint watching the news while reflecting about the ambiguous beauty and the terrible devastation of the hurricane, and how powerful Mother Nature is.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Carolina Ramonde


Caro Ramonde was born in a cute city by the sea, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Her ancestors are Italian (she’s double Citizen of Uruguay and Italy), Spanish, French, and lived in Italy so multicultural mindset added to her artistic curiosity and skills.
Since Caro was a little girl design and painting was part of he life, and natural curiosity and willingness to learn took her to approach Art in almost all its forms: Fashion Designer, Garden Designer, Sculpture, AutoCad Design, many Design Programs, Art History, travelling to see where old civilizations lived and the Art they created.
Graduated as an Interior Designer at the College of a famous Italian Designer: Gino Moncalvo. Painting was a great part of the curriculum, mostly watercolors and perspective techniques.
At Brazil she studied for two years Art and Painting at ABRA.
Currently lives in Mexico City while spending a lot of time traveling between Vancouver and NYC where her daughters study..

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