Prisoner Mothers 2019

What does it mean to be a woman and a mother inside a system incapable to supply the fundamental human rights?
The 14,9% of Ethiopia population has a criminal record and the 4,2% of it are women. Everyday the Ethiopian government pay only nine birrs (0,43$) and very little attention for their alimentation and health care.
About 500 children live with this 4,2% inside the prisons, forced to follow their mothers behind bars, without an appropriate access to education, health care or infrastructure where to play.Prisoners Mothers directs the point of view on this piece of forget humanity while drawing the attention on this faces, left behind too many times between worn-out camp beds and stagnant water.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Carolina Paltrinieri


Carolina Paltrinieri is a photographer with experience in reportage, archive and selection, editing and reporting. After a period of training at the Nikon School, with whom she has traveled to the world with the best reportage professors on the international scene. He attended training courses with Stanley Greene, Massimo Mastrolillo, Jodi Bieber, all winners of World Press Photo and portfolio readings with National Geographic, Time, New York Times. She has outlined over time a highly authoritative style that has led her to numerous accolades in major national and international competitions. For some years now, she has been a reference point in Ethiopia, where she has been telling, through numerous stories, the health, economic and social difficulties of a developing country. It has also been formed with Marianna Santoni, Adobe Guru, in the Photoshop Image Processing program.

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