Rural Graff #2 2019

The theme and colors are based on the Treze’s artwork (@acidcollapse) which is adjacent on the right hand side of the same wall; This decision was taken to break as little as possible into the aesthetics proposed by him giving to the wall the feeling of continuity. Treze (1986-2018) made his work in 2016 for the same festival, naming it: Rural Graff

Tortuga Boba 2019

Originally prepared for a collective exhibition at Impaktes Visuals in Sabadell / Barcelona.
The global theme was “Mediterranean”
The picture portrays the “Tortuga Boba” a local specie of the Mediterranean Sea in danger of extinction.

Grren fades 2015

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Carolina Hernandez


Born in Bogotá – Colombia in 1990 and residing in Barcelona since 2016, ZURIK is a graffiti writer and graphic designer who has built her career based on a dynamic and colorful style founded on Graffiti Writing, which has been since the beginning the starting point for each project that she faces.

The letters that make up her name are the representation of each of her family members. Her style is part of the WildStyle current, where each letter retains its structural basis, being the union of these a set of connections and additions, with dimensions, shadows and effects, where the goal is to achieve the balance between creativity and readability. Despite that, ZURIK moves away from the established rules, playing with the organic, geometric and the volumes of the technical drawing, which has transformed over the years into her personal, unique and highly recognizable style.

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