The medium of the artwork is pen and coloured pencils on ivory paper.
60 cm by 80 cm
The work is an expression of the artists journey. A journey that has been rough and tough, a journey he doesnt want to go back. A journey full of sorrow and joy at the same time. He feels good producing the piece and he feels pain doing the same. He feels weak but his passion is greater than his strength which in turn drains him and he becomes a slave of his own passion. He knows that the future is great, he knows he is almost there and its all about the wait.


The medium of the artwork is pen on ivory paper.
60 cm by 80 cm.
the artwork is a realist drawing of african mother's everyday struggles to raise the family and also provide for them. The woman is carrying a basket of fruit and at the same time her child on her back in midday. This clearly shows her effort to do everything.the main idea was to appreciate our mothers for their efforts to raise us right.

LOST 2019

The medium of the artwork is pen on paper
60 cm by 80 cm
lost is an expression of my thoughts on growing up and how being a teen its never easy to find my way in this life. Its an inspiration of my daily experiences as a teen. A thought of being lost in the woods not knowing how you going to find tomorrow as there are different probabilities and anything can happen

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I was born in the countryside of Kisii,Kenya on 22 august 1998. A land that was artistically rich which made me to grow my passion for art at a very young age. Influenced by the community surroundings, I started drawing maps and portraits of my fellow friends in class and having come from a humble background, my parents couldn't afford to take me to an international school to study arts as it was not offered, Luckily, i joined a local high school which offered art as sublet. This made me to learn from my fellow classmates on new techniques and styles to approach. On joining campus, I decided to major in fine art. This made me discover lots of other artists which gave me the right exposure. I came along several local exhibitions ,private commissions and one residency. Some of the remarkable commissions are COVID 19 awareness by SANTHE AFRCA(south Africa) -2020, COVID 19 mural by the MUSEUMS OF KENYA-2020 and national art residence by MINISTRY OF CULTURE -KENYA

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