Ludwig let aut the kite. 2016

Oil on Canvas
210 x 420 cm
Ludwig Wittgenstein’s text asks: what will happen to the essence of an object if our point of view changes? It is always a painting, but in different situations; pondering about what an image is and in what position we are in relation to it.


Floating garden. 2017

58 cm – oil on canvas

I wanted the viewers to be walking between the sequences and search out, or just perceive the rich contexts occurring between them. The immediacy of the paintings is, I feel, immensely important. The canvases are not stretched on the frames and as the paint pushed to the edges is drying, the canvas deforms, creating a unique shape


Real Time. 2018

Based on the context of colors around us we define the space. The space has a direct relationship to time. If the context changes between colors, so despite the fact that the space remains the same, time will be different.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Bretislav Maly

Czech Republic

Images are not important. I think it is necessary to think about the colors separately. Colors define space. Painting is therefore a prosoic medium. I think it is necessary to examine its relation to the image.

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